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Author of the Week: Heather Morris

47 Languages, over 6 Million copies sold, Heather Morris and her worldwide bestseller The Tattooist of Auschwitz needs no introduction. She is talking to us from her home on Melbourne discussing her new book, Stories of Hope, about the power of listening and the story behind the story of the writing of The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

Book-Cast of the Week: Natasha Randall

For this week’s book-cast we are joined by Natasha Randall to share her brilliant debut novel ‘Love Orange’. In this chat we discuss her upbringing in both the UK and the USA, the trappings of the domestic prison that is the ‘nuclear family’ structure, modern day technology and the ‘American Dream’.

Weekly Book-Cast: Paige Toon

This week’s book-cast we are joined by the hugely successful writer, Paige Toon to share her incredible achievement – her 18th book! The Minute I Saw You is a deliciously unputdownable love story of two people that don’t want to fall in love.

Happy Hour with Tippl: Paloma

For this week’s Happy Hour with the ingenious drink wizards at Tippl, we are featuring a drink perfect for any fiesta, the zingy grapefruit and tequila based Paloma. It’s another 15 second drink so perfect for any occasion. A classic Mexican drink, even more popular then the margarita in its native land would you believe?

Author of the Week: Bryony Gordon

Today we are joined by Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Bryony Gordon to share her extraordinary new book that’s already leaped to the top of the bestsellers list, Glorious Rock Bottom. Glorious Rock Bottom is a punchy, heartfelt take on Bryony’s on personal experience with alcoholism. In this chat we discuss Bryony’s experience processing her alcoholism, motherhood, the road to sobriety & ridding herself of the guilt & shame that follows.

Weekly Chats: Helly Acton, Isabelle Broom & Laura Jane Williams

In this week’s Weekly Chats, we have spiced things up & created a new format featuring three fabulous Chick Lit authors, Helly Acton, Isabelle Broom & Laura Jane Williams. Just like one of those juicy three-way chats between your girlfriends, this is fun, lighthearted & a perfect antidote to the heaviness of these times.

Author of the Week: Hannah Begbie

Hannah Begbie joins us to chat about her thought provoking page-turner, Blurred Lines which explores the many different themes of victim-blaming, #MeToo & sexual assault, this book is an untangling of blurred lines. This is an ode to the huge number of sexual assault ‘survivors’ who have risked everything to tell the truth.

Chats: Wendy Holden on ‘The Governess’

The Governess follows the life and perceived betrayal of real life royal tutor, Marion Crawford, or Crawfie as the palace affectionately named her. Raising the Queen, living in the glamour of the Coronation, to the trauma of World War II, Crawfie saw time pass all through the lens of the Royal Family.

Happy Hour with Tippl: The Americano

Nope the Americano isn’t just a coffee, it’s also a delicious cocktail perfect for that after work drink with a few snacks. It’s a great middle ground if the strength of a negroni is too much for you and you want something a bit more robust than an aperol spritz. The perfect aperitivo!


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