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Imogen Edwards-Jones

Award winning journalist, broadcaster, novelist and screenwriter.

She was responsible for the hugely successful Babylon series, which includes the Sunday Times best sellers Hotel Babylon, Air Babylon, Fashion Babylon, Beach Babylon and Pop Babylon.

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The Great Big Book Club has been set up by book writers for book lovers in the time of lockdown. As book events got cancelled and dates got unsaved, all the lovely authors I spoke to were distraught. All that work? All those tours? All those readers to meet? All those pop up events are no more. What to do? Where to turn?

And my Book Club friends were equally bereft. Their favourite monthly dinner of wine and women and novels has been put on ice, for who knows how long?

So we hatched a plan. What if there were a shopwindow for authors? A place were you could find out the latest releases? Add some food. Some cocktails. It would almost be like my favourite Monday night out. Or Tuesday. Or sometimes once on a Wednesday. Or whenever we could actually get everyone together.

So here it is. The Great Big Book Club. Hopefully one of the few good things to come out of this awful time.

We hope you enjoy it. We hope you find out what your favourite, brilliant, best-selling writers have been up to and that you make a drink, serve yourself a delicious lunch/dinner and most importantly of all, fall in love with another good book.

Thank you,

Imogen Edwards-Jones

With Fi Bendall & Mike Mathieson.

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