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Book Club Favourites:

Happy Hour: Damn Pandan!

Here’s a refreshing drink you probably won’t see at the local pub. This is a gin sipper that uses some unique ingredients, specifically the tropical Pandan leaf. In this cocktail recipe, our clever friends at Tippl used both Pandan essence & Pandan leaf. Best call into your local Asian grocer to find these sweet, tropicalContinue reading “Happy Hour: Damn Pandan!”

#LockdownLunch: Gnocchi Bolognese with Ian Curley

Looking for a wholesome, delicious crowd pleaser that is the DEFINITION of comfort food this lockdown? British Born, Australian-based chef, Ian Curley has the cure. It’s a Gnocchi Bolognese that’s quick, easy & perfect for the winter right now in Australia. All of the ingredients & recipe are explained in this quick clip with Ian.Continue reading “#LockdownLunch: Gnocchi Bolognese with Ian Curley”