Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is a literary powerhouse and a fabulous tour de force. The eldest of eight children, she was home-educated on a council estate in Wolverhampton. She published a children’s novel, The Chronicles of Narmo, at the age of 16, and became a columnist at The Times at 18. She has gone on to be named Columnist of the Year six times. At one point, she was also Interviewer and Critic of the Year – which is good going for someone who still regularly mistypes ‘the’ as ‘hte’. Her multi-award-winning bestseller How to Be a Woman has been published in 28 countries, and won the British Book Awards’ Book of the Year 2011.

Her two volumes of collected journalism, Moranthology and Moranifesto, were Sunday Times bestsellers, and her novel, How to Build a Girl, that debuted at Number One, has been adapted as a movie staring, the brilliant Beanie Feldstein. She co-wrote two series of the Rose d’Or-winning Channel 4 sitcom, Raised by Wolves, with her sister, Caroline. Caitlin lives on Twitter with her husband and two children. Her latest book, More Than a Woman, is the long awaited follow up to How to be a Woman, and is already a Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller.

More Than A Woman

‘I adore, admire and – more – am addicted to Caitin Moran’s writing’ – Nigella Lawson

‘Exceptionally brilliant and powerful. Her new book is incredible – I shrieked with laughter throughout and probably cried solidly for the last 30 pages. She is simply one of the most significant people of her generation. Her writing has helped so many.’ – Marina Hyde

‘Superbly funny.’ – Guardian

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