Charles Spencer

CHARLES SPENCER was a reporter on NBC’s Today show from 1986 until 1995, and is the author of seven books, including two Sunday Times bestsellers –Blenheim: Battle for Europe (shortlisted for History Book of the Year, National Book Awards), Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I – and To Catch a King: Charles II’s Great Escape.

THE WHITE SHIP Conquest, Anarchy and the Wrecking of Henry 1’s Dream published 17 September

“Out of a 900-year-old moment of heart-stopping tragedy, Charles Spencer conjures an exhilarating narrative full of incident and insight. Here is the story, marvellously told, of the post-Conquest kings – and one almost-queen – of England: unpredictable, violently dramatic, and never less than compelling.” –

Helen Castor

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