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About Daisy

I’ve been an agony aunt, a travel writer, a reviewer of restaurants and of luxury houses. I’ve written columns in The Independent on Sunday, the Sunday Times, the Sunday Express, The Indy, Standpoint Magazine and the Times.

Along the way I’ve interviewed many celebrities, among them Donald Trump, who told me in 1987 that he couldn’t be bothered to open his own Christmas presents.

While teaching in Northern Kenya, I wrote A Small Town in Africa; while living in Los Angeles I wrote a column in the Sunday Express, and co-wrote a screenplay about a couple of celebrities who turned their married life into a reality TV show. That was twenty-odd years ago. Truth has overtaken our parody long since.

During an unsuccessful year living with our three children in the West Country, I wrote an anonymous column for the Sunday Times, Diary of A Country Mole, which eventually turned into my sixth novel, The Desperate Diary of a Country Housewife.

Back in London, I wrote three more novels, all of them set in early 20th Century USA; two columns per week for the Sunday Times, a monthly column for Standpoint magazine, and a furious book about modern motherhood: I Don’t Know Why She Bothers. I had been expecting letter bombs and dog turds through the post because it was quite provocative, but women were surprisingly enthusiastic about it.

And then, for a while, I ran out of puff. And I learned to read the Tarot….And then I got my puff back again. As E.V. Harte, I wrote a couple of light-hearted mysteries about a Tarot-reading sleuth named Dolly.

As Guy Woake, I wrote a parody blog which you can find on my website. As Daisy Waugh, I wrote In the Crypt with the Candlestick, a comic murder-mystery about modern aristocrats living in a house they can’t afford and murdering each other but only in a nice way. Its sequel, In the Larder with the Lights Out (if I can get the title past my editor…) will be published early 2021.

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