Jennifer Nadel

Nadel’s most recent book, WE is co-authored with Gillian Anderson & explores feminism. activism and spirituality.

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Jennifer Nadel is an author, poet, qualified barrister, campaigner and an award-winning journalist.She has reported for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN from around the world and her work has appeared in most of the UK’s national newspapers.

Her most recent book, The Sunday Times bestseller, WE was co-authored with Gillian Anderson and explores feminism, activism and spirituality. It charts a path based on 9 Spiritual Principles for women who want to transform their own lives and also the world.

Her first book on domestic violence, which was made into a BBC Film and Channel 4 documentary, is credited with helping to change the law. Whilst at ITV, her investigative report from Bosnia showed that rape was being used as a weapon of war and was later used by UN War Crimes investigators.

Her first novel, Pretty Thing, is a coming of age love story set in the searingly hot summer of 1976.

She has stood for the UK Parliament twice, speaks internationally and is the co-founder of Compassion in Politics which works to put compassion at the heart of public policy. Her own personal history is indivisible from her writing and campaigning.

Her father came to the UK as a child refugee on the Kinder transport. Her next book, on compassion, is due to be published by Routledge in 2021. A mother of 3 boys she was born in Princeton but lives in London.

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