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2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide

Out May 20th

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Upcoming News from Jesscia:

Looking forward to the May 20th 2020 special psychic and astrology event ‘Gemini Season’ on YouTube, Meetups and G-Suite and partnering with you to promote astrologer and author Penny Thornton and novelist Tobsha Learner and myself  on the day. We will have exclusive competitions for you (a private reading with me, usually $2000) and personal consultation discounts with Kyra Oser, rated by NBC and CBS in the USA as one of the country’s leading psychics. 

Astrologer, Author and Editor Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams is a bestselling author, astrologer and editor.

Among her many adventures in publishing, she has co-edited the In Bed With erotica collection together with three fellow authors at The Great Big Book Club – Maggie Alderson, Imogen Edwards-Jones and Kathy Lette.  

Contributors included Adele Parks, Ali Smith, Bella Pollen, Chris Manby, Daisy Waugh (also featured in The Great Big Book Club), Emma Darwin, Esther Freud, Fay Weldon, Jane Moore, Joan Smith, Joanne Harris, Justine Picardie, Louise Doughty, Rachel Johnson (another Great Big Book Club author, together with Santa Montefiore) and Stella Duffy.

The Sunday Times comments, “We’ve probably all played the “What’s Your Pornstar Name?” game. Take the name of your first pet. Combine it with that of the street on which you grew up. Now you have the “nom de porn” under which you should venture before the cameras if need or inclination ever drives you there.”

Jessica’s Top 10 Desert Island Books

  1. The Cook’s Companion, Stephanie Alexander, Penguin/Lantern, Melbourne 2014. Co-created with my friend Julie Gibbs, the legendary publisher (whom I’ve been lucky to work with on several titles) – it is literally my only kitchen book.
  2. The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, Neil F. Michelsen and Rique Pottenger, ACS, New Hampshire 1997.This makes no sense to anyone except an astrologer. It’s like Doctor Who’s time bible, from 2000 to 2050 but with planets in zodiac signs for us to interpret.
  3. The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, Michelsen Memorial Edition, Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts Publishing, New Hampshire 2008. Similarly, this is the ‘time bible’ for 1900-2000 and using this, on my island, I can predict the future with astrology. To anyone else it’s incomprehensible!
  4. Cobain on Cobain, Nick Soulsby, Chicago Review Press, 2016. My interview with Kurt Cobain is in this brilliant Nirvana memoir put together by my friend Nick Soulsby who tracked down everything Kurt ever told anybody!
  5. Synchronicity, C.G. Jung, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2011. Carl Jung first used the word ‘synchronicity’ in 1930 when talking about the I Ching. Together with the physicist Wolfang Pauli, he gave astrologers, Tarot readers, psychics and mediums the scientific foundation for what we do.
  6. The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell, New World Library, California 1990. Joseph Campbell is actually one of my heroes. This book  has inspired so many scripts and novels. It’s also so inspiring for an astrologer.
  7. The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus, Ned Halley, Castle Books, New Jersey 2001. There are so many translations of Nostradamus but this one is my favourite.
  8. Alchemists and Gold, Jacques Sadoul, Neville Spearman, London 1972. Alchemy is the basis of astrology. This was a secondhand shop find!
Other books by Jessica Adams:

Girls’ Night In: the 10th Anniversary Collection Penguin Books

This bumper Tenth Anniversary Edition of Girls’ Night In brings together much-loved stories from the previous four books by some of the biggest names in women’s fiction – Marian Keyes, Candace Bushnell, Cathy Kelly and Maggie Alderson, to name a few.

In 2014 Penguin and HarperCollins will release the Girls’ Night In series for the iPad and Kindle helping exceed the original fundraising total of over US/AUD $3 million for the children’s charity War Child.  Jessica Adams is a team editor on all books in the Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In series, and has acted as both patron and trustee for War Child in Britain and Australia. You can now buy Girls’ Night In 10th Anniversary Collection for Kindle at the new price of $14.99 – as always, Jessica, her fellow editors, all the authors and illustrator Anna Johnson have donated their time, and all royalties go to the charity. The new British e-book edition of the original classic Girls’ Night In is now available at Amazon, price £3.92.

‘A special collection of short stories by some of the starriest names in the worlds of literature and fashion, including Nick Hornby, Candace Bushnell and Kate Moss . . . Read all about it’ – Vogue

For more information visit

Girls’ Night In and Kids’ Night In
Penguin Books, HarperCollins, Red Dress Ink

There are four adult anthologies in the Girls’ Night In series and two collections for children. All have raised $2.5 million for the children’s charity War Child and continue to raise funds every time a new copy is purchased. Contributors include Bob Geldof, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss and Jamie Oliver. Editorial teams include Jessica Adams, Maggie Alderson, Imogen Edwards-Jones, Nick Earls, Chris Manby, Carole Matthews, Sarah Mlynowski, Fiona Walker. 

For more information visit

How We Met
Penguin Books

True confessions of love, lust and that fateful first meeting – How We Met celebrates the surprising, sweet, funny and downright weird ways in which people have found love. Join a who’s who of writers as they share their sometimes romantic, sometimes bittersweet true stories of finding the love of their life – the one they are with, or the one that got away. All royalties from sales go to PEN, a worldwide association of writers, which works to promote literature, defends the freedom to write and to read and campaigns for writers around the world persecuted for expressing their views. 

The book is a grand flirtation with that captivating idea that we all have one special person out there for us; that it is written in the stars that sooner or later we will meet and fall in love. THE AGE

Contributors include Susan Kurosawa, Lisa Jewell, Di Morrissey, Elizabeth Stead, Adele Parkes, Tony Wilson, Kate Veitch, Maggie Alderson, Danny Katz, Jessica Adams, Lee Tulloch and Rachael Treasure

For more information visit

Some Girls Do…
Allen and Unwin

Edited by Jacinta Tynan. Some of Australia’s favourite female writers recount the true stories of their teenage years in this bumper collection. All royalties plus $1 for every book sold go to the SISTER2sister Program, a mentoring program for disadvantaged teenage girls, which is part of Life Changing Experiences.

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Handbag Horoscopes (Penguin)

Fantasy Futures (Penguin)

2020 Vision (Penguin/Viking)

Astrolove (Penguin/Viking/Corgi)

The New Astrology for Women (Corgi)

Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins)

Amazing You: Astrology (Hodder)

Amazing You: Psychic Powers (Hodder)

2020 Astrology: Your Five Year Horoscope Guide (Media Goddess Ltd)

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