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Julia Hobsbawm is a writer, speaker and podcaster about Social Health and simplicity in a complex world.

She is the author of The Simplicity Principle: Six Steps Towards Clarity in a Complex World of which commentators have said the following:


Ruby Wax

“This book answers the question of our modern times: How can you recapture

Arianna Huffington

“I devoured this terrific book. In a world jammed up with the hectic pace of life The Simplicity Principle shows us an easy road map back to calm and control”

Bruce Daisley, ex head of Twitter in the UK and host of No1 podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat


James Harding, co-founder, Tortoise media

“Julia Hobsbawm is a fascinating thinker and in this book she teaches us how to live a simpler, clearer life”

Johann Hari, author of Lost Connections and TED Talked

“Totally original, beautifully written and intellectually innovative”

Matthew d’Ancona, commentator and editor

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