Kate Spicer

Kate Spicer (b. 1969) was born in London and had a transient childhood living in many different areas of the UK as the daughter of an NHS surgeon. She studied Philosophy at King’s College, London. She is a popular British journalist (Sunday Times) and documentary maker (Mission to Lars, Ugly Truth About Beauty) who covers lifestyle and culture with insight, humour and sometimes uncomfortable honesty.

One sunny January day a cool dog called Wolfy sloped into her life. That scruffy shaggy lurcher became her muse and Kate Spicer the popular British journalist became Kate Spicer the British author. Whether she is popular or not, you can judge for yourself. Her first book, Lost Dog: A Love Story, was published on April 4 2019; paperback out 1 February 2020.

She is currently writing two new books.

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