Rachel Johnson

Rachel Sabiha Johnson is a British journalist, television presenter, and author.  She started her career at the FT in 1989 when journalists still used typewriters and carbons.

She moved to the BBC in 1994 when broadcast journalists still recorded on quarter inch tape and editing was done with razors and chalk marks. She has managed to sustain her career by diversifying into books and telly – Johnson has appeared all too frequently on political discussion panels, including HIGNFY and Question Time and until Covid 19, was a weekly panellist on The Pledge. 

She was the lead candidate for the short-lived Change UK pro-European party for the South West constituency and lost to Ann Widdecombe, an experience she uses as the basis of her latest book, Rake’s Progress, My Political Midlife Crisis. She is married and has been for a long time to Ivo Dawnay, and has three grown up children. 

Photo credit Mark Harrison

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