Tobsha Learner

Tobsha Learner was born and raised in England and has lived in both Australia and the USA. She is a playwright, screenwriter and a writer of short stories – her international best-selling books include QUIVER, written as Tobsha Learner, has sold over 250,000 copies internationally.

Her third book — the bestselling THE WITCH OF COLOGNE — was her first work of historical fiction and was followed by another collection of short stories, TREMBLE, and her fifth book, SOUL. Her best selling thrillers include SPHINX, The MAP and The STOLEN under her thriller pen name T.S.Learner and the erotic thriller PICTURE THIS.

Her second collection of erotic short stories TREMBLE was one of Publishers Weekly US books of 2013 (erotica category) which was followed by YEARN. Her latest historical fiction and 11th book is The Magick of Master Lilly, 2018, publisher Little Brown UK, Hachette AU

The Magick of Master Lilly

An epic telling of the role of both astrology and magic in the English Civil War, The Magick of Master Lilly is the story of WILLIAM LILLY the most influential astrologer in English history.

In 1641, the country of England stands divided. London has become a wasps’ nest of spies, and under the eyes of the Roundheads those who practice magic are routinely sent to hang. 

Living in exile in the Surrey countryside is the Master Astrologer and learned magician William Lilly. Since rumours of occult practice lost him the favour of Parliament, he has not returned to the city. But his talents are well-known, and soon he is called up to London once more, to read the fate of His Majesty the King.

What he sees in the stars will change the course of history.

Only Lilly and a circle of learned astrologers – Cunning Folk – know that London is destined to suffer plague and fire before the decade is through, and must summon angel and demon to sway the political powers from the war the country is heading toward. In doing so, Lilly will influence far greater destinies than his own and encounter great danger. But there will be worse to come . . . 

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