Russell Jones

Russell Jones is the founder of a pioneering multi- sensory design agency and has spent the last decade using sensory science to create immersive gala events and retail spaces, and help global R&D firms develop products and packaging that connect instinctively with the public.

He has worked with many of the world’s top brands including Heineken, Cornetto, Samsung and with Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants as well some of the world’s leading universities and neuroscientists. Russell uses the science of the senses to enhance every aspect of our lives, from sounds that change how drinks taste, to scents that make us more creative. He continues to apply his innovative approach to vastly improve our experience of the world. Russell Jones lives in London. Sense is his first book.

Sense: Unlock Your Senses and Improve Your Life by Russell Jones, published in hardback by Welbeck on 20 August 2020, £12.99
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