Tina McGuff

‘’Seconds To Snap’ is my critically acclaimed memoir of the journey I went through as a teenager and early twenties with anorexia, complex mental illness to full recovery and a
very healthy and happy life.

I have been in great physical and mental health now for many years and feel I’m in a confident position to bring huge value and show happiness, recovery, self-awareness and emotional intelligence is completely possible.

My years of lived in experience as well as working alongside psychologists, clinicians, eating disorder and mental health charities and supporting families through the hell of these very complex illnesses has given me a huge amount of insight and practical information I bring to the people I’m engaged with.

A regular guest on National TV, Radio, newspapers and starting those important conversations with people across the world in schools, universities, hospitals and workplaces.

Delivering the Mental Health Fist Aid, workshops or just a short talk, I’m available to have all of those important conversations to create the change we all need.

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