Blogger of the Week: Julie Hoegh, Bookstoker

Every week at The Great Big Book Club, we will be showcasing some of the respected voices within our Blog Community. These are book bloggers who not only review books & are a wealth of knowledge for good reads, they also have their fingers on the pulse of the literature world.

One of such bloggers, is Julie Hoegh of Bookstoker. Bookstoker is like the fail-proof friend you ask when you are facing the age old question; “what to read next?” With extensive categories on something light, challenging, thrilling & funny, to something long & epic, Julie has read it all.

As well as this, Julie is one of the founding bloggers & members of The Great Big Book Club, helping us build out this wonderful new space from the grassroots level up.

About Julie?

Having lived in Norway, France, Switzerland and America, before moving to the UK 20 years ago, Julie’s cosmopolitan beginnings have come to appreciate translated literature. Julie gravitates towards fiction books that travel to new places and teach new things, novels that bring into a time in history with which she might not be familiar or to places that are exotic or unknown

Julie writes, “My somewhat schizophrenic background, from banking to publishing, via a Ph.D. in English literature will hopefully be an asset in finding a wide variety of books.  So will the fact that I am lucky enough to live in a part of London brimming with cultural life and stimulation. Over the years I have had stints working for literary agents and publishers and I still do some freelance work reviewing manuscripts.”

Julie always provides her audience at a healthy level of commentary, whether you agree or disagree with her views. There is nothing better than feisty discussions about books and on Bookstoker, Julie hopes to entice plenty!

Bookstoker’s Top 10 Book Club Reads:

Although Julie could do many more, of course, here are her top 10 books for women’s bookclubs. Each link clicks through to Julie’s reviews on Bookstoker. Happy Reading!

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