Book Reviews of the Week: 07.08.20

Here And Now, Santa Montefiore

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‘Nobody does epic romance like Santa Montefiore’ – Jojo Moyes

‘An enchanting read, overflowing with deliciously poignant moments’ – Dinah Jefferies

‘Santa Montefiore hits the spot for me like few other writers’ – Sarra Manning

‘One of our personal favourites’ – The Times

Poignant, funny and beautifully written, Here and Now, is already a Sunday Times Top Ten best-seller.  It tells the story of Marigold who has spent her life taking care of those around her, juggling family life with the running of the local shop, and being an all-round leader in her quiet yet welcoming community. When she finds herself forgetting things, everyone quickly puts it down to her age. But something about Marigold isn’t quite right, and it’s becoming harder for people to ignore.

Set in contemporary Britain and tackling issues of Alzheimers and what it takes to raise a family and build a community and village, this is Santa Montefiore’s 20th novel and is something of a departure from her hugely best-selling historical fiction series, The Deverills But she puts it off with expert aplomb. She tells the story of the ‘long goodbye’ with such beauty and grace and humour and sensitivity. Evocative, emotional and full of life. Fantastic. 

Here and Now by Santa Montefiore is published by  Simon & Schuster £16.99

The Windrush Betrayal, Amelia Gentleman

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‘Gentleman passes from intitial bemusement at the number of cases of injustice she uncovers to downright shock at the examples of official indifference and incompetence.’ – The Times

‘A timely reminder of what truly great journalists can achieve.’ – David Olusoga

‘It is impossible to overstate the importance of this heartbreaking book.’ – James O’Brien

‘Gentleman boldly chronicles the devastating reality of a scandal that illegalised, imbruted and abandoned British citizens with the same tenacity that she used to expose the truth of Windrush in the first place’. – David Lammy MP

Longlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize 2019

Short listed for the Orwell Prize for Political Writing.

This is one of the most powerful, explosive books of the year. Written with the pace of thriller and the skill of one of the country’s top investigative journalists, Amelia Gentleman’s expose of the Windrush scandal shocked the nation, and led to the resignation of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Her tenacious reporting revealed how the government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy had led to thousands of law-abiding people being wrongly classified as illegal immigrants, with many being removed from the country, and many more losing their homes and their jobs.

In The Windrush Betrayal, Gentleman tells the full story of her investigation for the first time. Her writing shines a light on the people directly affected by the scandal and illustrates the devastating effect of politicians becoming so disconnected from the world outside Westminster that they become oblivious to the impact of their policy decisions. 

Powerful, shocking, and brilliantly written, this book is a reminder of what a powerful source for good campaigning journalism is and how speaking truth to power should be valued and nurtured at all costs. Outstanding. 

The Windrush Betrayal by Amelia Gentleman is published by Guardian Faber Publishing £18.99

Set My Heart to Five by Simon Stephenson

CONTEMPORARY | Daily Mail Online

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‘You shall read this with unadulterated pleasure’ Scotland on Sunday

‘A beautiful, funny, heartfelt analysis of what it means to be human’ Simon Pegg

‘I doubt I’ll encounter a more endearing, more joy-provoking character this year’ The Bookseller, Book of the Month

A truly hilarious, clever, and strangely affecting meditation on the absurdity of Homo sapiens….I cried 67ml of tears’ Saga Magazine

Funny, original and thought-provoking‘ Daily Mail

It is the closest thing I’ve read in a long time to Terry Pratchett … You will read this with unadulterated pleasure’ Scotland On Sunday

‘This beguiling debut exposes our frailties with subversive humour’ Mail on Sunday

Genuinely funny … pacey and emotive’ Sunday Times

Only the truly heartless would deny the art at work here‘ The Herald

‘This entertaining and surprisingly poignant story is a charmer’ Publisher’s Weekly

Possibly one of the quirkiest, most endearing and innovative debuts of the year, Simon Stephenson’s Set My Heart to Five is a profound comedy about life, love and what it is to be human. 

Set in a 2054 where humans have locked themselves out of the internet and Elon Musk has incinerated the moon, Jared, a dentistry bot, suddenly become dissatisfied with his life of extractions and undergoes a spiritual awakening that was not part and parcel of his programme. Inspired by a love of classic movies, Jared sets out on a bold mission: to use the power of his burgeoning feelings to forever change the world for him and all his kind. Unfortunately, Jared intends to do this by writing his own movie, and things do not proceed according to plan…

With the film rights already sold, Set My Heart to Five is one of the most interesting, creative, entertaining, funny, bold books of the summer. Brilliant.

Set My Heart to Five by Simon Stephenson is published by Harper Collins £14.99

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