Happy Hour with Tippl: Salty Dog

For this week’s Happy Hour with our friends at Tippl, they have created another 15 second quickie cocktail, perfect for those looking for a drink that packs a punch. Simple with the right amount of bite, the Salty Dog is a tasty little number to start the weekend and it’s ready in 15 seconds! 🐕Continue reading “Happy Hour with Tippl: Salty Dog”

Weekly Chats: Amelia Gentleman with Charlotte Edwardes

What’s in this chat: Amelia on how her experience reporting on the Windrush Generation started. Paulette Wilson a ‘law abiding grandmother’ in Wolverhampton who had arrived in Britain at the age of 10 & had been threatened by the government to be deported.  Why was the Home Office targeting a group of people nearing retirementContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Amelia Gentleman with Charlotte Edwardes”

Author of the Week: Santa Montefiore

What’s in this chat: The Secret Hours now in paperback bestsellers & Here And Now both in the Sunday Times Bestseller list Santa on the love story of protagonists Marigold and Dennis & their long goodbye. “I love writing about old people” says Santa on “it’s rare, it’s beautiful & tender”  Writing a book onContinue reading “Author of the Week: Santa Montefiore”

Weekly Chats: E.C Fremantle with Joanna Briscoe

What’s in this chat:  The Honey and The Sting – Liz aka E.C Fremantle’s sixth novel. Fremantle on the inspiration behind the alluring title, The Honey and the Sting, a contemporary quote from the English philosopher Francis Bacon. A piece of advice for the Duke of Buckingham about his style on getting people to doContinue reading “Weekly Chats: E.C Fremantle with Joanna Briscoe”

Happy Hour with Tippl: Boozy Butterbeer

Put that down Harry! This boozy Butterbeer isn’t one for young wizards! This was the fine team at Tippl’s final collaboration with London Cocktail Club and what a treat it is. With a base of honey whiskey and vanilla vodka it has the perfect balance of sweetness with a bit of a kick. INGREDIENTS: 20ml/Continue reading “Happy Hour with Tippl: Boozy Butterbeer”

Author of the Week: Curtis Sittenfeld

What’s in this chat? “There’s a part of me that did not know how hard it was going to be.” says Sittenfeld on the challenges faced writing about White House politics with fiction & fact.  “The stuff that was possible to get right, I got right.” Sittenfeld on getting the facts right, regardless of howContinue reading “Author of the Week: Curtis Sittenfeld”

Weekly Chats: Sara Collins with Sofka Zinovieff

What’s in this chat: The Plot: The book follows the story of Frannie, a young Jamaican woman who is brought to London in the early 19th century. She is given as a gift to a natural philosopher, George Benham to work as a maid in his Mayfair mansion. While Frannie is living there, she developsContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Sara Collins with Sofka Zinovieff”

Author of the Week: Mike Gayle

What’s in this chat: Mike on his parent’s immigrant history in the 1960’s in London & the similarities and differences in Hubert’s story & other first generation migrants in England.  The experience of many Caribbean immigrants in early London & the attitudes of the times. Mike on the timing of the novel with race &Continue reading “Author of the Week: Mike Gayle”

Book Cast: Nick Bradley, The Cat And The City

What’s in this chat: A little on the plot: The book was based around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, (which is not going ahead this year) & follows the journey of a stray cat who brushes past the many lives of people within Tokyo. As the reader continues, they realise that there is more connectedness to each character thanContinue reading “Book Cast: Nick Bradley, The Cat And The City”