‘Meet Me In the In Between’ by Bella Pollen

“Bella Pollen creates magic”

Vanity fair

Interwoven with exquisite passages of graphic memoir, Meet Me in the In-Between is bestselling author Bella Pollen’s surprisingly tender, frequently funny and achingly poignant quest to keep on looking for the extraordinary in an ordinary life.

Growing up the middle child of transatlantic parents, Bella Pollen never quite learnt how to belong. Restlessly criss-crossing the boundaries of family and freedom, safety and danger, home and away, she has sought but generally failed to contain an adventurous spirit within the narrow lines of convention – until, finding herself stymied in the in-between, she reluctantly concludes that to move forwards, she must take a good look at her past.

Cue a bewitching journey, from her very English childhood in upper Manhattan, through an early marriage to the son of an alluring Italian Godfather, to the dusty border towns of Mexico where she falls in with a band of Pink Floyd-loving smugglers. Throughout all, Pollen grapples with relationships, motherhood, career ups and downs and a pathological fear of being boxed in.

Bella Pollen is a writer and journalist who has contributed to a wide variety of publications, including the Sunday TelegraphAmerican Vogue and the Observer. She is the author of five novels, All About MenDaydream GirlHunting Unicorns, Midnight Cactus and The Summer of the Bear and her illustrated memoir Meet Me in the In-BetweenShe lives in Ladbroke Grove, London.

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