Debut Week: Ingrid Persaud & Naoise Dolan

This week at The Great Big Book Club is Debut Week & we are featuring a range of groundbreaking new Authors who will be sharing their debut novels. Join us as each Author will be dipping your toes into their debut novel with exclusive interviews, readings & giveaways. This is the perfect way to find your new favourite writer & immerse yourself into quick, bite-sized interviews to discover your next great read during lockdown.

Ingrid Persaud, ‘Love After Love’

Set in the sunny, colourful Trinidad, Persuad masterfully tells the story of ‘Love After Love’, a tale of loneliness, love & secrets. Written in the perspectives of the three protagonists, Betty Ramdin, her son, Solo & their lodger Mr Chetan, Persaud interweaves each character’s narrative & the moment everything becomes undone after a glass of rum.

‘Restless, heart-breaking and intensely spellbinding, Love after Love will stay with you long after the last page.’

– Andre Aciman

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Naoise Dolan, ‘Exciting Times’

‘Exciting Times’ is a fresh & intriguing take on modern relationships, set in the uber contemporary, cosmopolitan lifestyles of expats in Hong Kong. Dolan juxtaposes the protagonist Ava & her two love interests, Julian the banker with commitment issues & Edith, the ‘tell it like it is’ lawyer. ‘Exciting Times’ illustrates Ava’s journey to self-realisation that is paved by both the freedom & the darker forces at play that appear in modern relationships.

‘The book of the summer … Kept me rapt until the final page‘ 


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