Chats: Wendy Holden on ‘The Governess’

We are joined by Wendy Holden today in a new format of chats, in which Wendy will be answering all of your burning questions on her fascinating new read ‘The Governess’. Sunday Times number one bestseller Wendy Holden was a journalist before becoming a full-time author. She has written ten consecutive top-ten bestsellers and sold 3 million books.

The Governess follows the life and perceived betrayal of real life royal tutor, Marion Crawford, or Crawfie as the palace affectionately named her. Raising the Queen, living in the glamour of the Coronation, to the trauma of World War II, Crawfie saw time pass all through the lens of the Royal Family. We have broken Wendy’s ‘self interview’ into four easily digestible 5-7 min segments, so you can watch in short, snappy clips. This chat isn’t just for Royal fans, Wendy is full of historical facts & truly a delight! Enjoy.

What people are saying about The Governess…

‘I thought I knew all there was to know about the Royal Family (thank you, The Crown), then I read this book… so exquisitely detailed it’s as if the author is Marion Crawford. I can’t help but wonder how Queen Elizabeth II would have reigned all these years without Marion’s guidance… a novel that will stand the test of time. I loved it.’
Heather Morris

“Brilliantly researched… I was completely absorbed and transported”
Adele Parks

‘Sensitive, funny and fascinating – this masterful novel gives the reader fly-on-the-wall privileges into the early life of the Queen’
Freya North, author of The Turning Point

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