Author of the Week: Bryony Gordon

Today we are joined by Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Bryony Gordon to share her extraordinary new book that’s already leaped to the top of the bestsellers list, Glorious Rock Bottom. Glorious Rock Bottom is a punchy, heartfelt take on Bryony’s on personal experience with alcoholism. In this chat we discuss Bryony’s experience processing her alcoholism, motherhood, the road to sobriety & ridding herself of the guilt & shame that follows. 

Bryony is a self proclaimed ‘accidental mental health campaigner’ after writing a series of memoirs on her fascinating life. From the debauchery in twenties, to her experience living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to now with Glorious Rock Bottom & it’s raw take on alcoholism as a coping mechanism for her mental illness. Bryony is one of those rare birds that captures you from start to finish. She is honest, self-aware & not afraid to bare all to help others in her position. 

We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did. 

Glorious Rock Bottom published by Headline – £16.99 – published 6 th August 2020.

What people are saying about Glorious Rock Bottom:

MEDIA REVIEWS Bryony Gordon is a terrific, compassionate writer whose razor-sharp honesty slices through every sentence of this compelling memoir. * Liz Day *

Poetic, raw and very important. * Fearne Cotton *

It is my favourite of Bryony’s books. * Dolly Alderton *

This book will make us all kinder, brighter and better. * Daisy Buchanan *

This is a book that tears down walls. It will make sobriety attractive and accessible in a way it never has before. * Marian Keyes *

Brutally honest * Daily Mail *

Gordon’s new book is a frank, sometimes wince-inducing and often very funny look at her 20-year relationship with booze. * INews

Bryony Gordon has penned a compelling, candid sobriety memoir * Independent *

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