Weekly Chats: William Sieghart with Allie Esiri

For this week’s very special edition of weekly chats, we are joined by two poetry powerhouses, William Sieghart and Allie Esiri, in celebration of #NationalPoetryDay. In this chat, Allie and William speak about all things poetry absolutely not in the corner! This is a brilliant chat between two of the most influential voices in poetry today. We hope you love it as much as we did.

What they cover:

  • William on founding National Poetry Day from the bath.
  • Poetry – bringing it to the mainstream and poetry’s competition against the novel.
  • Instagram and it’s unique effect on the world of poetry.
  • Not being served by the English teachers, the booksellers, the librarians. Poetry needs to leave the dusty corner and be brought to the forefront of our space.
  • Allie’s role as ‘demystifying’ poetry and making it accessible in today’s time.
  • The power of actors reading the words and bringing them to life like no other.
  • Poems manage to express what most of us find difficult to articulate.

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