Author of the Week: Lisa Jewell

For this week’s Author of the Week, we are joined by veteran bestselling author, Lisa Jewell. Lisa is one of those incredible writers whose writing career has spanned across genres from romantic comedy, family dramas to thrillers & after this interview, you may get the impression that it is her innate curiosity, creativity & ‘nosiness’Continue reading “Author of the Week: Lisa Jewell”

Author of the Week: Gill Hornby

For this week’s Author of the Week, we are joined by Sunday Times bestselling Author, Gill Hornby to share her new release ‘Miss Austen’. A historical fiction novel based on Jane Austen’s sister & dedicated keeper of her legacy, Cassandra. Historically, Cassandra is the lesser loved, but equally as fascinating sister. Captivated by the mysteryContinue reading “Author of the Week: Gill Hornby”

Author of the Week: Joanne Harris

For this week’s Author of the Week instalment, we are joined by Joanne Harris to share her new ebook (soon to be hardback), ‘Ten Things About Writing’. Originally a series of tweets, ‘Ten Things About Writing’ is a book that answers the constant barrage of questions Joanne receives on being an Author. Whether it’s dealingContinue reading “Author of the Week: Joanne Harris”

Author of the Week: John Bishop

For this week’s edition of Author of the Week, we are joined by the writer & comedian John Bishop, to explore his book ‘How To Grow Old’ which is now available in paperback. This book is not so much a self help book, but more so, a hilarious ‘how to guide’ on all things ageing,Continue reading “Author of the Week: John Bishop”

Author of the Week: Hannah Rothschild

Today we are joined by Hannah Rothschild in rural Buckinghamshire from her 57th day in lockdown. In this week’s Author of the Week segment, we discuss Hannah’s new book ‘The House of Trelawney’. This is a story that takes a comedic look at a Cornish aristocratic family that becomes unravelled in the financial fallout ofContinue reading “Author of the Week: Hannah Rothschild”

Author of the Week: Candace Bushnell

This week’s edition of Author of the Week is Candace Bushnell, interviewed by Imogen Edwards Jones. Candace is the genius behind the ‘Sex and the City’ books & TV series as well as the leader of a generation of smart, empowered sex-positive women. In this episode, Candace & Imogen explore Candace’s new co-authored Young AdultContinue reading “Author of the Week: Candace Bushnell”

Author of the Week: Polly Samson

This week’s Author of the Week is Polly Samson. Polly Samson is the author of A Theatre for Dreamers which debuted at number 2 on the Sunday Times hardback fiction bestseller list. This week Polly and Imogen chat books, live and lockdown Polly is also the author of two short story collections and two previous novels. Her work hasContinue reading “Author of the Week: Polly Samson”