Author of the Week: Lisa Jewell

Lisa shares her lucky position as one of the few Authors who is benefiting from lockdown as her paperback launched in Dec 2020. Lisa shares the premise of the book: A 25 year old woman inherits a mansion in Chelsea, although she was found as an orphan in this mansion 25 years ago, alongside 3Continue reading “Author of the Week: Lisa Jewell”

Author of the Week: Gill Hornby

In this week’s chat, we discuss: Gill shares the story of Jane Austen & her less-loved sister, Cassandra who outlived Jane by 24 years. Gill retells the 160 letters left from Jane to Cassandra, and within the letters, Cassandra’s exceptional ‘censorship’ skills, which meant certain sections, people & experiences were burnt out or hidden. Cassandra’sContinue reading “Author of the Week: Gill Hornby”

Author of the Week: Joanne Harris

“I thought it may be useful to point out that you can write women as people, you don’t have to write them as a collection of body parts to remind the reader that they’re a woman. That won’t remind the reader that they’re a woman, but it might just remind the reader that you –Continue reading “Author of the Week: Joanne Harris”

Author of the Week: John Bishop

“The healthiest I’ve ever been, mentally & physically”: John’s positive take on lockdown. Like experiencing an early retirement. John’s experience being a vegetarian for many years & his on-stage ritual – no meat, no kebabs & no drinks before the show. John the reluctant writer: “I’ll never write another personal book again”. The tedious processContinue reading “Author of the Week: John Bishop”

Author of the Week: Hannah Rothschild

The charm of the area of Devon & England’s west country, which led Hannah to write two books based in the area; her new novel ‘The House of Trelawney’ & Hannah’s first novel, ‘The Improbability of Love’. On Cornwall: “Cornwall feels like a separate country”, even the Cornish agree with it. From the customs, wayContinue reading “Author of the Week: Hannah Rothschild”

Author of the Week: Candace Bushnell

This week’s edition of Author of the Week is Candace Bushnell, interviewed by Imogen Edwards Jones. Candace is the genius behind the ‘Sex and the City’ books & TV series as well as the leader of a generation of smart, empowered sex-positive women. In this episode, Candace & Imogen explore Candace’s new co-authored Young AdultContinue reading “Author of the Week: Candace Bushnell”

Author of the Week: Polly Samson

This week’s Author of the Week is Polly Samson. Polly Samson is the author of A Theatre for Dreamers which debuted at number 2 on the Sunday Times hardback fiction bestseller list. This week Polly and Imogen chat books, live and lockdown Polly is also the author of two short story collections and two previous novels. Her work hasContinue reading “Author of the Week: Polly Samson”