Author of the Week: Candace Bushnell

This week’s edition of Author of the Week is Candace Bushnell, interviewed by Imogen Edwards Jones. Candace is the genius behind the ‘Sex and the City’ books & TV series as well as the leader of a generation of smart, empowered sex-positive women.

In this episode, Candace & Imogen explore Candace’s new co-authored Young Adult book with Katie Cotugno, ‘Rules for Being a Girl’, as well as answering questions from The Great Big Book Club community around the world.

Known for her deep insights on feminism, female relationships & her whip-crack fast humour. This is a chat that you won’t want to miss.

We join Candace on location at the ‘cheapest house in the Hamptons’ & she confirms, she is indeed wearing pants.

What’s in this episode:

  • ‘Rules for Being a Girl’ & the power of a young woman speaking her truth & surviving through adversity. A book that is ‘Post-Me Too’.
  • Writing for the Young Adult market: Becoming ‘woke’ & aware when writing a book for an impressionable, sophisticated audience. “They know what’s B.S.”.
  • Writing a feminist novel for young girls, when 10 years ago your publisher would have told you: “girl, you better put a love interest in there, & he better be hot”.
  • Candace’s joys on writing with a co-Author, sharing triumphs, asking questions & discussing characters in the writing process.
  • Writing for TV – “it’s like making sausage”, the feeling of going to the office, the creative process & wondering whether you were going to get kicked out eventually.
  • ‘Rules for Being a Girl’ & Candace’s opinion on professors who can’t keep it in their pants.
  • “Women don’t get the depth of asshole-ry”: Sex and the City’s original intention on being written for a male audience. Men loved the harsh view of other men, because men know that men are assholes.
  • Cougar and teenage boy pot smoking & make-out sessions in basements from Candace’s book “Is there still Sex in the City?”.
  • SATC & it’s progressive nature: It gave women another option & revolutionary way of life – especially in countries outside of the USA & UK.
  • Candace on social change & her influence on women: Don’t think like the patriarchy, men are not number one. Be original.

PLUS: Special cameos from Candace’s huge & adorable poodles, Pepper & Prince.

You can purchase ‘Rules for Being a Girl’ from your local Bookseller in the links below:

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