Weekly Chats: Craig Brown & Rachel Johnson

Today we are joined by satirist, journalist & Beatles enthusiast, Craig Brown with journalist, Author & television presenter, Rachel Johnson to share Craig’s new book ‘One Two Three Four: The Beatles In Time’. This kaleidoscopic view of The Beatles examines the fab four in their many shades, elements & moments in time. A book that dives deep into the many twists, turns, triumphs & tragedies that comes with such a level of fame.

In this chat, Craig & Rachel explore the many sides of the Beatles phenomenon, from the hysteria, the fame, the music & the legacy. Plus they ask the burning questions; which was the greatest album? Who is Craig’s favourite Beatle? Why is there the ongoing row between The Rolling Stones & The Beatles? And just where exactly did Ringo Starr’s replacement go?

This book is the ultimate remedy to escape the monotony of lockdown & reflect on all the colour, creativity & craziness of the golden years of pop music.

In this Weekly Chat, Rachel & Craig discuss:
  • Why Ringo had a replacement for Scandinavia & Australia tours who almost surpassed Ringo’s own fame. Plus the unfortunate circumstances that led Ringo’s replacement, Richie to start a band, lose his wife & become bankrupt.
  • The 50 year break-up ceremony of The Beatles in April & Craig’s inspiration that led to One Two Three Four.
  • Craig answering the much debated question; who is his favourite Beatle & the definitive ranking of Paul, John, Ringo & George.
  • Craig on the row between The Rolling Stones & The Beatles. “If you take all the albums chronologically in time & compare, The Rolling Stones are copying The Beatles.”
  • Craig on Yoko Ono as a grasping ridiculous husband stealer & John’s Aunt Mimi who was not necessarily the insufferable matron that many biographers paint her as.
  • Did John Lennon have abandonment issues that led to his anti-establishment values?
  • The difference between The Beatles’s narrative versus The Rolling Stones: The Beatles had a beginning, middle & end, whereas The Stones are still playing like a “tribute band” 50 years on.
  • Craig on the comparisons between The Royals & The Beatles.
  • The grimness, the fights, the darkness & the abandoned women that comes along with great success.
  • Craig on the best Beatles album: the B side of Abbey Road.
  • The experience of The Beatles hysteria with the sheer excitement & ‘screaming’.
  • Craig Brown’s research on teen girls & the Beatle-Mania obsession with an special mention to The Great Big Book Club featured Author Ruby Wax.
  • The “driving force” of the band, who Craig reveals is his favourite Beatle.
  • One Two Three Four & it’s relation to the Elements: George is Air, Ringo is Earth, John is Fire & Paul is Water.
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