Weekly Chats: Craig Brown & Rachel Johnson

In this Weekly Chat, Rachel & Craig discuss: Why Ringo had a replacement for Scandinavia & Australia tours who almost surpassed Ringo’s own fame. Plus the unfortunate circumstances that led Ringo’s replacement, Richie to start a band, lose his wife & become bankrupt. The 50 year break-up ceremony of The Beatles in April & Craig’sContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Craig Brown & Rachel Johnson”

Weekly Chats: Alexandra Shulman with Bella Pollen

Alexandra Shulman on items of clothing that are important to her. Alexandra on writing her new book: Clothes … And Other Things That Matter The Structure of ‘Clothes… And Other Things That Matter: Structured like a desert island disc of Alexandra’s favourite items of clothing. Short, snappy chapters that are perfectly bite sized for lockdownContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Alexandra Shulman with Bella Pollen”

Weekly Chats: Adele Parks with Daisy Waugh

What’s in this week’s chat: How lockdown has inspired bestselling Author Adele to keep her writing in these times. The very real threat that lottery winners experience when they win the initial large sums of money & the incredibly different position that you are placed in as a result of the win. Adele’s initial momentContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Adele Parks with Daisy Waugh”

Weekly Chats: Fatima Bhutto with Ortensia Visconti

What’s in this week’s chat: Fatima on writing in solitude during these times of isolation. Taking time out to write, read, listen, watching television & tuning in to your feelings. The force to ‘slow down’ as a result of these times, especially as people who travel. Fatima & Ortensia on the divide between taking theContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Fatima Bhutto with Ortensia Visconti”

Weekly Chats: Rachel Johnson with Sarah Vine

In this week’s edition of ‘Weekly Chats’ we are joined by two equally brilliant women, Rachel Johnson & Sarah Vine. In this chat, they talk Rachel’s newly released book ‘Rake’s Progress‘ & her experience in politics which, in her own words, she “sank like the dregs”. Although this talk goes far beyond Rachel’s Change UKContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Rachel Johnson with Sarah Vine”

Weekly Chats: Ruby Wax & Claudia Winkleman

Welcome to our first edition of The Great Big Book Club Chats. In this series we will see great minds have honest conversations about what makes them tick. Today’s interview is with the prolific Author, Comedian & Mental Health Advocate, Ruby Wax, interviewed by the equally dazzling journalist, TV host & fake tan CEO, ClaudiaContinue reading “Weekly Chats: Ruby Wax & Claudia Winkleman”