Weekly Chats: Rachel Johnson with Sarah Vine

In this week’s edition of ‘Weekly Chats’ we are joined by two equally brilliant women, Rachel Johnson & Sarah Vine. In this chat, they talk Rachel’s newly released book ‘Rake’s Progress‘ & her experience in politics which, in her own words, she “sank like the dregs”.

Although this talk goes far beyond Rachel’s Change UK period. The two women explore their deeply personal & humorous shared experience of being women in the world of politics & the public eye. Rachel shares her thoughts on ‘Imposter Syndrome’ & motherhood, as well as the importance in writing an honest account of one’s personal experience.

More than anything, this chat is a glimpse into two friends having a laugh & recounting a great read. Plus you will witness a very special entrance from Rachel’s new Cocka-poo puppy, Ziggy, who may just be the new star of a Daily Mail column!


You can buy ‘Rake’s Progress: My Political Midlife Crisis’ from your local bookseller through the link below:

In this episode, Rachel & Sarah talk:

  • Rachel’s “catastrophic foray” into mid-life politics.
  • Rachel’s sibling who rose like the “cream” to the top of politics in the UK, whereas her experience in which she “sank like the dregs”.
  • A woman’s unique experience in the “middle generation of feminism”. Where women were expected to look after the family, but to also work as hard as their male counterparts.
  • ‘Imposter Syndrome’ & the need for reaffirmation as a woman.
  • The traps of being a ‘perfect mother’, where people around you are policing or judging your every move.
  • Bringing comedy into politics.
  • Rachel on being the sole parent for 10 years when her partner had a life threatening illness. The emotional & physical labour of being what one could liken to as a ‘single mother’ with young children.
  • Rachel’s role as a carer from the role of 14 years old.
  • Both Sarah & Rachel’s shared experience as ‘collateral damage’ when loved ones become involved in politics.
  • Rachel’s family & the Brexit division. Plus the UK’s need for immigrants post-Coronavirus.
  • Sarah’s new book & the sense of doubt that comes in the writing process. Sarah’s crisis of confidence; the thought that ‘no one is interested’ in what she has to say.
  • Rachel on turning tragedy into a great story & her top tips on writing a book.
  • The Johnson family’s ‘studious silence’ on ‘Rake’s Progress’, with some family members who liked the book, & others who did not.
  • The importance & courage in writing a book that is honest, & that does not paint everyone in the best light.
  • Rachel’s ‘Life in Politics’, is really just a joke, as she believes it was an epic fail.
  • The Johnson family’s humorous upbringing with younger years sleeping in a shed & going to an all-boys school.
  • Boris’s life in the last three weeks being the “entire gamut of the human experience”.
  • Sarah & Rachel’s reading recommendations from Elton John’s memoir to European Anti-Semitism.
  • Rachel’s newest column idea for the Daily Mail: Me & my puppy, Ziggy.

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